Premier University partners with PNG’s premier fashion platform, PNG Fashion Week

Premier University partners with PNG’s premier fashion platform, PNG Fashion Week

The creative and cultural industries in Papua New Guinea are evolving at a rapid rate with the inclusion of new technologies, innovation as well as new and exciting collaborations between art forms and artists alike. This creates an exciting opportunity for the Pacific’s premier university, the University of Papua New Guinea through the Theatre Arts Division within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, to forge a partnership with PNG’s premier fashion platform, PNG Fashion Week.

This three-year agreement is the very first of its kind and will see PNG Fashion Week add to and become a part of the curriculum at the university. Through this partnership, students will receive hands on training, experience and a pathway into all PNG Fashion Week programs.

I am excited to support and build students in a whole range of disciplines, from fashion, stage management to tourism. We will equip them for business, market them and their brands and give them experience on the best platform in the country, PNG Fashion Week. It makes sense for PNG Fashion Week to partner with and help build on existing systems, institutions and pathways, PNG Fashion Week is a Papua New Guineans development tool that takes nation building very seriously,” said Philma Kelegai, Managing Director, PNG Fashion Week. ‘It is a privilege to be working alongside the Pacific’s premier university,” she added.

Students have already started working with PNG Fashion Week and will not just be assessed on their performance, but learn valuable skills, make new connections and enrich their lives.

The creative faculty, especially, the Theatre Arts, at UPNG sees this as a fantastic partnership that not only adds value to its programs, but also build the University’s profile and gives its students further enrichment their artistic endeavors.  Using this platform, the students will have access to the creative and cultural industries’ experts both local and international to add to their network. It also build the students’ portfolios and at an early stage while being assessed. Using Real-life project and collaborating with the industries is the new approach Theatre Arts is taking as it gives the students a different perspective to learning, ” said Ms Naime, Head of Theatre Arts Division,UPNG.

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